As the days got shorter and the cooler temps arrived there was a lot of talk about how cold this winter was going to be. It was my first winter following a summer addicted to SUP and I was nervous about what life was going to be like without being on the water every day.

January paddle

I have have been dreaming about this moment for a couple weeks! (Seriously, can’t tell you how many mornings I woke up from a dream about paddling) I miss being on the water. I miss how happy it makes me. Hurry up summer! I need you!

I had some friends that assured me there would be days throughout the winter that would be warm enough to get out and paddle. I was hoping they were right… but I am a wuss when it comes to the cold. Last winter I was walking/jogging to stay in shape and there were few days that I braved the cold to workout. So I was doubtful there would be too many opportunities that I would find myself in the cold and on the water.

But I was wrong, and they were right! In November as the days got shorter, it was harder to find the time during the daylight hours to make time to get to the lake. But there were a handful of days I took time in the middle of my busy days to hit the water.

The sky has been very overcast this winter. I have missed the sun as much as I have missed the water. But on the days that the sun was out, so was I.

In December there were fewer days that were nice enough to get out. So instead of actually getting out to the lake to paddle, I found myself regularly dreaming about being out on the water.

I remember in late December feeling so happy to know that the days would now start getting longer. That was great news! I knew at that point that I was going to survive the winter. I wasn’t getting out to the lake as often as I had been… but I had enough opportunities to paddle to keep me happy.

January has been great. There have been a few days that have been warm enough to get a good workout in. And then this weekend was a true gift. Over the last 2 weeks the couple times I got I felt like I was so out of shape. But this weekend I got three days in a row to paddle. Each day felt better than the last.

I know there are still some colder days ahead… but I also know there will be enough sunny days to look forward to as well. One thing is for sure. Nothing brings a bigger smile to my face than time on the water and cruising home with the top down. And it is no different in the winter.