I get asked this occasionally, “why are you single?”. It is a question that has stumped me… well, up until about 5 minutes ago.

Really… THIS IS WHY I AM SINGLE! I have no patience for this dating stuff!

  1. If you have found me attractive by my LinkedIn profile and want to pursue a possible date, do NOT let me know that is your intention! LinkedIn is a professional networking site. Introduce yourself and ask to meet for coffee to learn more about my business. During THAT conversation you can start to guide a more personal conversation (if you have confirmed that I am single – because it is not stated on my profile that I am single) and then see where things go. Yes, this will require that you have some skill in the art of conversation!
  2. Telling me I am pretty is not a conversation starter. I’m not interested in your possible attraction to my photo (which, btw, you have no idea if that is what I REALLY look like… though I do use real photos in my online profiles, there are many stories I could tell of people who do not use current or real photos) So, play it safe and save the compliments for when you meet me in person.
  3. Do not ask me to call you. I know the gender wars have screwed this all up, but men should assume all women are ladies until she tells him otherwise. Ask for my number and ask if it is okay to call if you want to talk. If you aren’t ready to have a real conversation, then texting is okay to a point. But really, at some point you should ask when it is a good time for a phone call.

To be continued…