For the last few years I have been wearing a couple small colorful extensions in my hair. I have loved the little pop of color – it’s been a lot of fun. At first I was a little worried that it might take away from my professionalism with my business contacts. But quite the contrary, everyone loved the added color and it helped me stand out in a room full of people.

Then recently I saw a picture posted on Facebook of this teal and purple mermaid hair. It was awesome! Now the first problem is that if I was going to color my hair, it would have to be bleached and that can damage your hair in the long run. So I opted to go with a full set of extensions. I love it!!! And I have gotten even more compliments from this even bigger burst of color in my hair.

My advice? Take a chance! Go for that pop of color! Not sure you really want to commit? Hair extensions are the perfect option. If I needed to, I could go in have all the color removed from my hair in a matter of minutes. But I think I’ll keep this look a little while longer.

Transforming into a mermaid 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 #mermaid #skatergirl #surfergirl #fringesouthlake

Photo taken at: Fringe Hair & Makeup Studio

Because mermaid hair with curls blowing in the breeze being kissed by the sun is awesome.  #mermaid #mermaidhair #sunshine #topl355 #convertible #winterintexas