I’ve heard it said… the mind is all.

But there is something greater than the mind. Something the mind does not understand.

Love is so much more powerful than than the mind struggles to comprehend and even control.

It is love that moves a person out of fear into power. Love that causes one to sacrifice their life for another’s. Love that gives a mermaid legs.

Love is the most powerful drug.

How many times do we look past all the shortcomings, the pains and hurts, abuse, and unmet expectations for love? And how many times has one persons love for us been the only truth that carried us forward?

No, the mind may be powerful. It may be the creator. The mind may have brought life into existence. But it is love that keeps it all moving. Love brings the balance to our universe. Love is the spirit that feeds the mind.

Without love, their is no purpose to living, to this experience.

Think of a time when someone showed you love where least expected it, when you didn’t deserve it. How did that moment, being loved unconditionally, change the trajectory of your life?

I know how it changed mine.

…Your mind is trying to control your movements. There is something you don’t understand though…. until you move based on love, there is no movement. It is static and empty. Lust is abundant in our world today. But love? You have not met her… yet

Where there is knowledge, it will pass away. And now remains: faith, hope, and love… But the greatest of these is LOVE.