Last week I had 3 beautiful ladies in my pole class for the first time. I could tell they weren’t comfortable in their skin. Their movements probably felt as awkward as they looked. And the whole time they were probably questioning why they were there.

The thing about pole dance is that the movement is awkward at first. And most of us aren’t comfortable in our skin. And we want to look sexy and we want to feel sexy, but it doesn’t usually happen the first night.

I always tell my students that it comes a little more naturally at their second class. And I usually have a student that will confirm that as being true.

Last night these three beautiful women came back for a second class. And let me just tell you… By the end of class I saw such a huge difference! Oh, they still didn’t feel like they looked sexy as they moved around the pole. But I saw something amazing happening. Their soul was starting to connect with their skin. Their movement was just slightly more fluid. They started to shirk their insecurities. And the tiniest bit of confidence was starting to reveal itself.

teaching pole fitness

I don’t just teach a pole fitness class. Oh no! It’s so much more than just that!

My biggest fear is that someone will leave their first class feeling frustrated and defeated. It is a workout. It does hurt. It’s hard. It feels awkward. It doesn’t look sexy. The list of reasons to give up is long. But the reward for overcoming those challenges is huge!! I know because I have experienced all of this myself. And I love seeing it happen for others.