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Why I’m Single

I’ve made lists of all the reasons I’m still single. But maybe this is the real reason. View in Instagram ⇒... Read More

Still Single… Another reason why

Another reason why I’m still single… because guys just don’t ask girls out anymore. What’s up with that? I met a guy about three weeks ago. We had a nice lunch date. I followed up with an invite to join me while I was hanging out with some friends a few days later. Since then,...... Read More

Another reason why I’m single…

Here’s another reason why I’m single… I hate dating more than I hate being single. As nice as it might be to find someone to share my adventures with… and to take me on new ones, the truth is that I’m happy with my life. And dating sucks.... Read More

Why are you single? – Part 2

Sometimes it would seem the men who question why I am still single are the ones who let me get away. We’ll start with one of my exes. For many years we had a strained relationship at best. Actually, we were each others worst enemies. I don’t know exactly how we went from hating each other to...... Read More

Why are you single?

I get asked this occasionally, “why are you single?”. It is a question that has stumped me… well, up until about 5 minutes ago. Really… THIS IS WHY I AM SINGLE! I have no patience for this dating stuff! If you have found me attractive by my LinkedIn profile and want to pursue a possible...... Read More