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My First Skateboarding Competition

Yesterday morning I loaded up in a van with 7 other skatergirls and we headed off to Tyler for a skate competition. As much as I tried to relax and just have fun, the adrenaline and pressure felt by being the only person skating and knowing everyone was watching was intense. I didn't land much, but did get my rock-to-fakie. But the win for me... Read More

Doubles Run

Showed up to skate last night and @sk8n.stin thought he'd raise the fear factor to a new level for me. Doubles run??Am I ready for this? Well, I didn't die!... Read More

Getting soooooo close!!

Getting soooooo close!!... Read More

Drop in on a half pipe, he said…

Drop in on a half pipe, he said (@bigbootyanthony ) You got it, she said (@lonefoxery_ ) - So I did it. #levelup . . . . . . . . . #skatelife #skatergirl #girlswhoshred #girlswhoskate #skategoals #skatelikeagirl #skateordie #skateboard #thankyouskateboarding #skatefit #balancedlife #surfergirl #mermaid #forgetmenot #hurtlife #hurtlifer #justskate... Read More

Rock to Fakie

I spend Sunday afternoons pushing women to be better than when they walked thru my studio door. I challenge them to push past their fear and do things they don't think they are capable of doing. Yesterday I was stoked by my clients successes! So when I show up to skate and someone pushes me, I have to push past my own fears and self-doubt.... Read More

Epic Night in Irving

Exactly 5 months ago (minus one day) I visited this skate park for the very first time. I was in awe as I watched several guys shred this bowl. Then one of them put me on a skateboard (even tho I was barefoot) and taught me how to roll down my first slope. Tonight I was stoked to have him and so many other special... Read More

Success is often times disguised as failure.

Success is often times disguised as failure. While for many of you this may look like a fail video because I crash more than I skate.... To me this is success. Dropping in from a few different a spots on this bowl, including the deep end puts me a step closer to shredding this bowl. Thank you @lonefoxery_ for cheering me on! And @mcguffun -... Read More