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My First Pole Competition

Well, I did it! I entered and competed in my first pole competition. Honestly, that was the probably the scariest thing I have ever done. Last year I attended the Melee on the Bayou: Houston’s Premier Pole Dance Competition to support my friend Nicole who was competing (for the first time). I recall thinking about how terrifying...... Read More

Celebrating Pain

In pole dancing, the greatest joys and successes come with great pain. After my first pole fitness class, it was actually the pain that fueled my desire to return for more. For the first time in a very long time I felt every muscle in my body. It wasn’t in so much pain that I...... Read More

How Women Approach Fitness

Tonight a friend posted an article on Facebook about how women approach fitness. It grabbed my attention and lined up with my personal experience. First, Some Background If I had started this blog 2 years ago, then it would all appear in chronological order. Instead, I will provide a little background information before I dive into...... Read More