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The power of one word.

“A crazy thing happened — the very act of doing the thing that scared me undid the fear. It’s amazing the power of one word. ‘Yes’ changed my life. ‘Yes’ changed me.” ~Shonda Rhimes #mondaymotivation #nofear #fearlessgirl... Read More

Rock to Fakie

I spend Sunday afternoons pushing women to be better than when they walked thru my studio door. I challenge them to push past their fear and do things they don't think they are capable of doing. Yesterday I was stoked by my clients successes! So when I show up to skate and someone pushes me, I have to push past my own fears and self-doubt.... Read More

Success is often times disguised as failure.

Success is often times disguised as failure. While for many of you this may look like a fail video because I crash more than I skate.... To me this is success. Dropping in from a few different a spots on this bowl, including the deep end puts me a step closer to shredding this bowl. Thank you @lonefoxery_ for cheering me on! And @mcguffun -... Read More

be extra kind

It's so easy to get so wrapped up in your own little world and life that kindness goes right out the window. Make it a point to be aware of what others around you are going through and be extra kind. #kindness #mondaymotivation... Read More