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Wild is my favorite flavor

Wild is my favorite flavor. My scars tell the stories of reckless adventures. The pain doesn't last, but the strength and lessons learned is what has shaped me into who I am now. #wild #pain #adventure #singlelife #strength #messyhair... Read More

My 2016 Best Nine (according to Instagram)

My #2016bestnine - it really wasn't a bad year after all. Lots of surf. Lots of SUP. a new pole studio. And to top it off, skateboarding! Looking forward to all the fun adventures 2017 has in store!! #surfergirl #polefitness #sunchaser #mermaid #skatergirl #standuppaddle #supyoga #adventure #balancedlife... Read More

Enjoy the journey.

Even when I think I know where I am going, I usually end up somewhere else. Just enjoy the journey. Learn from mistakes. Love. Forgive. Heal. Keep dreaming. Keep pushing forward. If life isn't an adventure you're not doing it right! #adventure #life... Read More

Paddle Tip 1224 : Fog Advisory

Paddle Tip 1224 : when there's a fog advisory, hug the shoreline. Otherwise you may paddle in circles in the middle of the lake. But when you can't see anything, you rely on the sounds of planes landing (how were they landing in this fog anyway?) to guide you in the right general direction. I don't always make the best decisions... But it's always an... Read More

My New Year’s Day Polar Plunge

Last year on New Year’s Day I witnessed a bunch of crazy boys jumping into the cold water at the lake. I had decided that it was a little too cold and a little too crazy for me, so I volunteered to capture the event on video. I have a few regrets from2015, but the...... Read More

Aerial Silks – Check!

The first thing on my list to do this year was take an aerial silks class. I had found a place to take a class, so it was just a matter of picking a date and going for it! I messaged a friend I thought might be interested in joining me. She was in! So we...... Read More

Adding Adventure to Christmas

As Christmas decorations and advertisements began to appear in early November my daughter approached me rattling off all of the things she wanted for Christmas. I stopped her in her tracks and said, “I’m not buying anything for Christmas. Where would you like to go?” She paused for a brief second then with great excitement...... Read More