The Sturgeon Full Moon paddle meditation brought healing and uplifting vibes. As we paddled out we practiced a “walking on water” mediation. Then we paddled out to get a great view of the sunset. Red roses were handed out. And as the sun set and the lake became quiet the meditation time continued. We set the intentions of what we want to release from our lives, placed that intention in each rose petal, and then let current of water carry it away.

As we waited for the full moon to rise, small white roses were passed out. We prayed for the people of Afghanistan. Then released those prayers, and white flowers onto the water.

The full moon rose, with a hint of a pink. And then we paddled back in and enjoyed a small dessert.

“It was a great evening of healing and hope.” ~Diane
“What a wonderful experience. I will definitely do this again!” ~Dorcas