Another reason why I’m still single… because guys just don’t ask girls out anymore. What’s up with that?

I met a guy about three weeks ago. We had a nice lunch date. I followed up with an invite to join me while I was hanging out with some friends a few days later. Since then, all he wants to do is text. I get messages wishing me a good morning, and then a follow-up in the evening asking how my day was. But not a single inquiry about if I’d like to go out again. What’s up with that? Enough with the endless texting. I don’t even text my friends that much! Ugh.

Okay, so moving on… met another guy online. We’ve been chatting for three days now. We’ve even friended on Facebook. But he hasn’t asked for my number or suggested we meet.

Which reminds me of another guy that I met last month, we also friended on facebook after a few days of messaging. He facebook messaged me for a couple more days… still no invitation to meet.

I’ve met a few other guys… all tends to go the same way… we start chatting, there’s similar interests, good conversation, etc. But no invitation to meet. Or maybe an initial invitation to meet, but after that, it’s just endless texting and no effort to see each other again.

So when I see a guy friend of mine complain about being single I really just want to reach my hands through facebook and strangle him while telling him the real reason he’s still single is because he probably hasn’t asked a girl out on a date!

Is it really that hard to ask a girl to meet for a drink? And after that suggesting a follow-up date?