Over the last year I have learned a lot about what it takes to fuel my body properly. When I started working out three years ago my diet didn’t change at all. My body changed, but because I was turning fat into muscle. But when I started SUP racing last summer, I knew something else needed to change. I was listening to my body. I was pushing it harder than I ever had before, but it was failing me in some areas. I struggled to recover after workouts and races and I knew I wasn’t at my best. I also felt like I was starving ALL THE TIME!

I reached out to someone I knew was a hard core fitness and health nut. He coached me through making changes to my diet. He kept it simple, which was good for me. Protein with every meal, along with vegetables and healthy fat, and limiting carbohydrates.

These small changes made big differences! I mostly noticed that I was recovering from workouts much better and had a boost of energy after my workouts, whereas before I was just dead.

advocareWithin the last couple months I started having conversations with a couple different people about adding supplements to my routine. I was skeptical at first. And I’ll be honest with you, I’m still not over-the-top fanatical about supplements… but after some research and conversations with some different trainers, and sampling some products, I have made the decision to jump on the Advocare train!

After just a few days of sampling the products, I was noticing a difference. And so were others. While I felt a boost of energy during my workouts, I didn’t recognize any real physical changes. But I hadn’t really expected to with just one week in… but other people were making comments about how it looked like I was slimming down.

I am excited to see how this extra boost will take my game to the next level!  Race season is just around the corner and tonight I start teaching pole fitness classes. I’m ready! Bring it!