I’m on a Shamanic Journey, and one of my assignments was to create a sand painting.

I walked out into my backyard and was just really trying to find a spot of sunlight to warm up, but when I looked down I saw small broken egg shell. I picked it up. I had not intended to build my sand painting right then, but holding that shell told me it was time.

So the next thing I see is a dandelion. So I start picking the bright yellow dandelions from my yard. Not counting them, just picking all the ones in my yard… because while I understand they are not weeds I still don’t need a yard full of them either. All except for one – which a bee was digging into.

I make my way to my front yard where my rose bush has flooded with blooms. So now I need to get a basket because my hands are full and I don’t want to crush the shell. When I decide I have enough roses to make the outer circle I stop and look along my path on the way to the backyard.

I go to an area where I know all the acorns fall onto the ground. I collect a bunch of those too.

I look around. Nothing more stands out. So I start to build my painting.

I am short one dandelion to make it symmetric. But such is life. Nature provided it, but respecting the bee was more important than a balanced painting.

I step back and admire my work.

Immediately, a large fly and several ants were at work to “disturb” my masterpiece. We have to remain detached, because nothing lasts. A lesson that I’m struggling to embrace.

What this process taught me:

  1. You can’t do healing work with your eyes closed.
  2. Healing comes when you remain open to the moments that are presented.
  3. Nature will provide exactly what you need. And even in abundance.
  4. A bee is more important than art.
  5. Life is not balanced. So we must find the balance within our environment.
  6. Staying unattached is best. Detachment is necessary.