Learn Reiki with Andra

learn reiki

Reiki is really simple self-healing technique and anyone can learn it.

What’s Included:

You get a complete online self-study course and study guide. Once you complete the online course, you have a 1:1 private or small group session where you can get any questions answered followed by an attunement ceremony. You will also have an opportunity to practice your new skills.

The Cost:

The cost for each online course is $55 + $55 for your Reiki attunement session(s). Master Teacher Level is $155 and includes your attunement session. Purchase the bundle for $255 + 2 attunement sessions at $55 each.

Reiki 1 Online Course
Reiki 2 Online Course
Reiki 3 Master Teacher Online Course
Reiki Bundle

Reiki is not a substitute for medical treatment. If you have any symptoms of illness you should see your doctor. Reiki is safe and will complement any form of complementary or medical treatment. A Reiki practitioner will not diagnose or recommend any form of treatment