It has rained 55 out of the last 85 days. The lake has gone from nearly 12.5 feet below normal to 19 feet over it’s 100% mark in 6 months, with most of that water coming in the last 4 weeks. I have watched the water rise and while I have been watching it happen, I have a difficult time wrapping my brain around all that water.

This picture is from last summer. See those trees on top of the rock ledge?June 21 2014 156May 23, 2015: The water is up over the rock ledge and you can paddle right up to the trees.
2015-05-23 09.41.17-2web
SUP Basketball anyone? (May 15, 2015)
2015-05-15 21.55.53
One week later… (May 23, 2015)2015-05-23 10.46.31web

I’ve not been a lake rat for very long… just a little over a year now. But the lake that I knew and paddled for the last year is gone. It has been fun to explore so many new areas. There is more water for everyone to enjoy. The problem: It doesn’t stop raining long enough for us to really enjoy.

My friends and I watch the radar non-stop. The moment there’s a break in the clouds there are facebook and text messages swirling as we all jump to head to the lake in hopes of getting some time on the water before the next storm cell moves in. Seriously… this is how it has been.

There was a point this past fall when I wondered how I would survive winter without being on the water with my friends. But it almost seems like I paddled more this winter than I have in the last month due to all the bad weather. I am ready for sunshine. I am happy the lakes are full, but it is time for the rain to stop so we can enjoy it.