You see a girl who got pregnant in college.
I see a single who mom who got her degree.

You see a failed marriage.
I see a woman who freed herself from an alcoholic husband.

You see a dancer on a pole.
I see a woman who found physical strength and confidence.

You see rebellion and risk.
I see independence and authenticity.

You see a woman living in poverty.
I see woman who values life and experiences over possessions.

You see a woman who has no health insurance.
I see a woman who is healthy.

You see a girl who needed some financial help.
I saw a woman who was sick and in need of support.

You see a daughter who hates you.
I see a woman desperate to be known, understood, and accepted.

You see struggle and defeat.
I see growth and progress.

You see shame and disgrace.
I see… a warrior.

Do you see a flower dying?
Or a flower blooming out of a dead stalk?

I can see how you view my story – my choices that breed difficult circumstances. But can you see my story? One of overcoming those difficulties sprinkled with grand experiences?