Fuck up. Keep going.

They say that failure is what leads to success. I keep wondering when I’ll find the success part. I seriously think the only thing I’m really good at is fucking up. I can fuck up just about anything good in life. In fact, when something is really starting to go good, I pull out the...... Read More

Summer Moonlight

"In summer moonlight, she was dangerously, inebriatingly magnified." ~Gregory Maguire . 📷 @ashley.langford... Read More

Teach Me to Skate!

I just think this was soooo cool! A year ago a friend posted some pics of him skating a bowl. My comment... "Teach me!" Funny how when you put stuff out there the universe works in mysterious ways to bring it to you... Read More

A True Mermaid

The sign of a true mermaid: in the midst of losing most of her material belongings, she swims in the moonlight without a care in the world. ❤️ My @kid_lakelife is enjoying some swim time her @mermaidmagen while she's here... Read More

Final Sesh at the CCD Bowl

I think tonight was one of the best I've ever skated! I'm so stoked. New milestone for sure as I slashed pool coping for the first time in my life!!!!! This video didn't quite capture it. But I did get it several times and there were plenty of witnesses, so it totally counted!!! Thanks Ryan Skeen!! Tonight was epic! I look forward to shredding waves... Read More

FYI. There is no warning when the lights go out at Frisco.

FYI. There is no warning when the lights go out at Frisco.... Read More

L👀K at me playing with coping!

Some rock and roll and some front side slashes with @bbykaitt at @guaposkateboards - L👀K at me playing with coping!... Read More