Fakie ollie!

Fakie ollie! ....after some guy told me my nollie front shuv was “icy af” ...and being greeted with the biggest hug. Made for a great lil sesh at Noke tonight. 😁... Read More

The Mind is NOT All

I’ve heard it said… the mind is all. But there is something greater than the mind. Something the mind does not understand. Love is so much more powerful than than the mind struggles to comprehend and even control. It is love that moves a person out of fear into power. Love that causes one to...... Read More

Just Say Hey

On a Wednesday night, not that long ago, this guy in a bright orange shirt excitedly skated up to me with a big smile. He commented on my board... and I quickly realized THIS was the Shelby I had been hearing so much about since I set up my @higuyzskateboards deck. I am shocked and saddened by his loss. RIP Shelby. Now.... I know y’all... Read More


LET’S GO CHIEFS!!!... Read More

see how happy I am

Not a great pic, it’s blurry cause it’s a screenshot from a video. But can you see how happy I am? I know I’ve wrestled with commitment issues. I mean, I’ve been single for 5 years now. I’ve also not been bending my knees enough when I ollie. Watch out... my ollies are going to be getting even better! Squat deeper, jump, and then smile.... Read More

Polar Plunge 2018

The best way to start a new year? Drowning the old one in a cold lake. Take that 2018!... Read More

Happy New Year 2019

Today leans in towards my most favorite time of the year. I am turning away from the year that scorched me and am going to shine even brighter in 2019. Found this quote and it is my theme for the new year: “I expand in abundance, success, and love everyday as I inspire those around me to do the same.” ~Gay Hendricks HAPPY NEW YEAR!!... Read More