The Game is Changing

The short version of my depression story is this: After being off my birth control for not quite a full month, I am feeling like myself again. While I am still digging out of a hole, my hope and happiness have returned. The negative voices in my head that had been dominating have been silenced....... Read More

Slow progress is progress

“Some quit due to slow progress. Never grasping the fact that slow progress is progress.” ~Jeff Olson While I’m supposed to be teaching, I’m also working on my own progress as well. Today >> compared to 2 weeks ago... Read More

Setting a new tone

They say your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have. So, I got myself some flowers. I wish they were yellow, but these orange ones are just as beautiful and have brightened up my days while the sun has been hiding. I see more fresh flowers in my future! Perhaps the next bouquet will scream spring! You wanna get with... Read More

run wild

run wild, swim deep, and soar above the clouds... all the places you might find me. Happy Day of Love! 💖... Read More

I am falling in love…

Sharing because I was so moved... not just by the post, but also by the responses to this post by @broken_isnt_bad 💖 Don’t just read the post below... go see their story! It’s beautiful to see that you’re not alone on the journey of love. 💖 - - - - - - “No one is going to love you exactly like you imagine. No one is ever going... Read More

I am bruised and broken…

I am bruised and broken... but I keep showing up for this thing called life.... Read More

Another Appearance with the Geezers

Check me out in the new @geezerskateco video! (Link in their bio!) - - - - - - High flying action in today’s video drop! Check the link in our bio to see how we bowl at the skatepark! @dylanorgeron @robbellomy @jeremyvest @maddiesdaddiereviews @brianretouchesphotos @sk8neat @johnbenitez @convertible355 @jd_danielson @classylass @xo_honeymoonbee @needs_sand_and_waves... Read More