I am thankful.

I see the daily posts on Facebook, 40 Days of Thankfulness, but I just don’t quite have the discipline to remember to do that every day. Oh, there are many things I am thankful for on a daily basis… I just don’t think to tell my friends on Facebook about it every day. Instead… I...... Read More

My First SUP Race – The Lone Star Paddle Fest

When I registered for my first SUP race, the Lone Star Paddle Fest, I had only been paddling for two months. Several people had been encouraging me to race… Though I thought the idea was crazy. But when there was race close to home, I decided to give it a shot. July 12, 2014 Here’s...... Read More

A Woman’s Approach to Fitness

Tonight a friend posted an article on Facebook about how women approach fitness.  It grabbed my attention and lined up with my personal experience. First, Some Background If I had started this blog 2 years ago, then it would all appear in chronological order. Instead, I will provide a little background information before I dive into the...... Read More

Healing on the Water

I was headed to a conference in east Texas to learn more about my newest client (Heroes on the Water) and give a presentation on social media. And while I wasn’t all that excited about the idea of going fishing with this group, I was looking forward to kayaking – it was something that had...... Read More

My First Time… Stand Up Paddleboarding

It was May 1st. I remember it like it was just yesterday. I had just wrapped up a meeting with a friend in Grapevine. His parting words to me that day were along the lines of suggesting I just needed some good guy friends to hang out with and have fun. Sounded good to me!...... Read More

Big River Regional – Proof I’m Not Sane

On September 30th I embarked on my most badass adventure yet. I was set to paddle 13 miles down the Mississippi River for the Big River Regional. Insane? Considering until now the furthest I had paddled was only 7 miles. This should be an adventure! Well, actually, the adventure started one day earlier. The Adventure...... Read More

My Happy Place

I have found my happy place. Getting on the water and soaking in every ounce of sunshine and the glory held in the sky. I love the workout of paddling out to the open water of the lake. Then reaching that point where my view opens to a larger body of water. I have become...... Read More