New Adventure! I’m a Pole Fitness Instructor!!

While I was checking the aerial silks experience off my bucket list, God was up to something much bigger! I was at a studio ready to add pole fitness classes, in need of an instructor. I was a pole fitness enthusiast, looking for way to open a studio. Then, BOOM! When you want something… put it out there....... Read More

Why are you single? – Part 2

Sometimes it would seem the men who question why I am still single are the ones who let me get away. We’ll start with one of my exes. For many years we had a strained relationship at best. Actually, we were each others worst enemies. I don’t know exactly how we went from hating each other to...... Read More

Bad Days

I still have bad days. Days when the negative voices in my head win. Days when the cracks in my heart reveal they are still there. Days when I doubt how strong and beautiful I am. Nights when a I long to be held. Comforted. To hear someone say it’s going to be okay. Moments...... Read More

Aerial Silks – Check!

The first thing on my list to do this year was take an aerial silks class. I had found a place to take a class, so it was just a matter of picking a date and going for it! I messaged a friend I thought might be interested in joining me. She was in! So we...... Read More

Celebrating Pain

In pole dancing, the greatest joys and successes come with great pain. After my first pole fitness class, it was actually the pain that fueled my desire to return for more. For the first time in a very long time I felt every muscle in my body. It wasn’t in so much pain that I...... Read More

Missing Saltwater

The last few days the weather has been so incredibly nice. I paddled 3 days in a row (should have been 4, but I had too much work to do that I didn’t have the time!). It has felt so good to slam my laptop shut at 4-5pm and head to the lake. Paddle out, sweat a...... Read More

I have the most amazing conversations with your husband.

I have the most amazing conversations with your husband. And I think you should be aware… I don’t solicit the conversations. And you are my friend, so I tread carefully when these private conversations are initiated. I am not interested in pursuing an affair. But the next woman he turns to may not be as...... Read More