Paddling with Dolphins

When I paddle on the lake, sometimes a fish will jump up right in front of my board. It startles me everytime. And yes, sometimes I scream! I have seen videos of people paddling with dolphins jumping up near their boards and wondered how they do that… I thought if I was paddling and a...... Read More

My First Public Pole Performance

Turning forty isn’t the big deal that it used to be. But this birthday was going to be a big deal for me. I woke up on my 40th birthday laying out what I would I wear later that night. With my bag packed, I headed out. First, to hang out with a friend and...... Read More

Teaching More Than Pole Dance

Last week I had 3 beautiful ladies in my pole class for the first time. I could tell they weren’t comfortable in their skin. Their movements probably felt as awkward as they looked. And the whole time they were probably questioning why they were there. The thing about pole dance is that the movement is...... Read More

Rain. Rain. Go Away!

It has rained 55 out of the last 85 days. The lake has gone from nearly 12.5 feet below normal to 19 feet over it’s 100% mark in 6 months, with most of that water coming in the last 4 weeks. I have watched the water rise and while I have been watching it happen, I have...... Read More

Memorial Day Reflection

This Memorial Day, as we pause to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice serving our country, I think we should also take a moment to consider if we are living in a way that honors what they fought for. I was out with friends a few weeks ago. We were hanging out at a...... Read More

Stepping Up My Game

Over the last year I have learned a lot about what it takes to fuel my body properly. When I started working out three years ago my diet didn’t change at all. My body changed, but because I was turning fat into muscle. But when I started SUP racing last summer, I knew something else...... Read More

My First Pole Fitness Class

As I prepare to teach my first pole fitness class, I am thinking back to my first classes. I had bought a Groupon when a friend suggested we try a pole fitness class. I bought my pass, but she failed to act. This was going way outside of my comfort zone to begin with and...... Read More