My first Aerial Yoga Class

After a long day back at work, I decided to indulge in my first #aerialyoga class. All I can say is WOW! I thought I had good balance, but this challenged me. The stretching was deep. And the inversions were fun and felt great! Highly recommend and I'll definitely be back for more!! #bucketlist #inverteddance #lespafit #colleyville #balancedlife... Read More

Life is hard. That’s why I cherish moments like this

Life is hard. That's why I cherish moments like this, when nothing else matters, my spirit is free to soar, and I am not weighed down by the burdens and responsibilities that keep me grounded during the week. My body aches to be back on the water, under the sun... But life has me stuck behind a computer screen today. #surfergirl #lakegrapevine #longboardgirl... Read More

An Oasis from City Life

How is it that I've lived in #fortworth for 15 years and just now exploring the #watergardens ??? This place is amazing! Like an oasis from the city life. #mermaidlife... Read More

Memorial Day is not “Celebrated”

Today is not a holiday we "celebrate", it's one we should pause to remember that freedom isn't free. Many great men and women made the ultimate sacrifice so we can live. And so, we should live each day to its fullest in their honor - that their sacrifice was not in vain. Be kind to the people around you, be generous, take risks, try new... Read More

Stop and Smell the Roses

While I was enjoying my first cup of coffee this morning pondering how I was going to get everything done today I looked up noticed several roses in full bloom. So I cut them and now they smell so sweet! #stopandsmelltheroses... Read More

Shredding some waves!

What an amazing day to be out on the water #shredding some waves! #dfwsurf #lakegrapevine #doomswell #balancedlife #wakesurfing #surfergirl #lakelife... Read More

Belated Mother’s Day Dinner

I was treated to a wonderful belated #mothersday dinner by my son tonight.... I truly am so blessed! #proudmom #blessed... Read More