2016 in Review

I had high hopes that 2016 would be mythical. And in some ways it really was. I can’t overlook all the highpoints. But recent events have me feeling like 2016 was a bit of a letdown too.  I will choose to focus on the great accomplishments of the year. Those things that have let me...... Read More

My 2016 Best Nine (according to Instagram)

My #2016bestnine - it really wasn't a bad year after all. Lots of surf. Lots of SUP. a new pole studio. And to top it off, skateboarding! Looking forward to all the fun adventures 2017 has in store!! #surfergirl #polefitness #sunchaser #mermaid #skatergirl #standuppaddle #supyoga #adventure #balancedlife... Read More

Enjoy the journey.

Even when I think I know where I am going, I usually end up somewhere else. Just enjoy the journey. Learn from mistakes. Love. Forgive. Heal. Keep dreaming. Keep pushing forward. If life isn't an adventure you're not doing it right! #adventure #life... Read More

“Its a Wonderful Life”?

You know this scene from "Its a Wonderful Life"? Yeah... That's my life right now. I have been amazingly blessed with the most incredible people in my life that I call friends. I hope you are as richly blessed this Christmas by the people around you as I am! #merrychristmas #blessedbeyondmeasure #wonderfullife... Read More

Paddle Tip 1224 : Fog Advisory

Paddle Tip 1224 : when there's a fog advisory, hug the shoreline. Otherwise you may paddle in circles in the middle of the lake. But when you can't see anything, you rely on the sounds of planes landing (how were they landing in this fog anyway?) to guide you in the right general direction. I don't always make the best decisions... But it's always an... Read More

Worthy of Great Love

“I think the most difficult thing to reconcile is knowing you are worthy of a great love and genuine acceptance and not having it.” I posted this on Facebook a year ago and it popped up in my history today. While I know that the love I was longing for when I posted this was...... Read More

Needed Blessings

Elk and venison enchiladas. Wine. Dearth Vader ornament. Cards against humanity. And spiked cider. I have the bestest neighbors ever! Merry Christmas!!!!... Read More