The life of an athlete

The life of an athlete. Work hard. Play hard. Fall hard. Get fixed. Repeat.... Read More

True art is to skate well

"We all live amid surfaces, and the true art is to skate well on them." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson... Read More

She loves a good sunset too

She loves a good sunset too... Read More

Losing people is never easy

I read this quote this morning. Losing people is never easy. It's sad to the core. But this is life. Time to move on. Time to dance again. Time to meet new people who love me for who I am in this moment of my life.... Read More

Two of my loves come together.

Nailed it! 🔨 Skating at pole class. Thank you @elbrd for the inspiration. Two of my loves come together. 💞... Read More

I wish I had known…

What I wish I had known, and glad I finally learned. But as my little girl transitions to a teenager, these are the things I want her to know (and not use against me)!! Happy birthday @texas_surfer_girl - my little warrior surfer girl! 🏄🎂🎉💞💪🏼... Read More

My Struggle with Abandonment

I had a major breakthrough last night… taking time this morning to meditate and process all the feelings. Understanding oneself is not easy work, but a worthwhile adventure. The first realization is that I struggle with abandonment. I am sure some of this has roots in the lack of relationship I have with my family....... Read More