It had been a rough day. I spent most of my morning in tears. Hurt and disappointed. My heart breaking. I struggled to get any work done. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in having my own business, it’s that when I’m not productive, there’s no use struggling through it. So I met the most critical deadlines for the day and then opted for some exercise.

Met my friend at the skatepark, which helped distract me from my feelings. But if I stopped for too long I could start to feel the tears backing up in my eyes… so I just kept skating until I couldn’t anymore. It was exactly what I needed! I was feeling so much better as I headed home.

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I called a good friend who knew my struggle and encouraged me and got me laughing. Good friends are priceless especially when you’re hurting.

As I continued home, my neighbor called. She was hosting a Christmas party and told me to come over. There was food, drink, and lots of fun! I was surrounded by people, made some new friends, enjoyed elk and venison enchiladas. (Yum!!) The bonus was there was a gift of wine for me, a Darth Vader ornament. And some spiked cider to top it off. I have the bestest neighbors ever!

Elk and venison enchiladas. Wine. Dearth Vader ornament. Cards against humanity. And spiked cider. I have the bestest neighbors ever! Merry Christmas!!!!

But there was a moment, in the midst of the holiday fun, when I had to leave the room because I was overwhelmed with emotion.

My skate friends family messaged me inviting me over Christmas Eve. Followed by an invitation to join their family on Christmas Day too.

At the same moment my heart was breaking… it was overflowing. 

On this day, I definitely needed blessings. And I got them!!