I have found my happy place. Getting on the water and soaking in every ounce of sunshine and the glory held in the sky.

I love the workout of paddling out to the open water of the lake. Then reaching that point where my view opens to a larger body of water.

I have become addicted… To being on the water. To watching the sunset from the view on the lake. To the realization I am small piece of a magnificent world.

The stresses of life, the disappointments of failed relationships, the fears of failure all drown in the depths of the lake… and the peace of the sky and the energy of the water fill me up.

Peace and Meditation

The addiction to paddle is stronger than my addiction to my work. I could easily stay positioned behind my computer until all hours of the night… When you love what you do it doesn’t really feel like work. But it’s still not a healthy habit. So the urge to leave the computer and hit the water has brought a healthy and happy balance to my life.

After the sun sets and the time to head home arrives, I drive home in my convertible with the top down and soaking up the warmth of the evening Texas air. Wind blowing through my hair. Radio turned up as loud as it will go. And upbeat music blaring reflecting the happy mood I am in. I sing, dance, and smile. This. This makes me happy.