As I prepare to teach my first pole fitness class, I am thinking back to my first classes. I had bought a Groupon when a friend suggested we try a pole fitness class. I bought my pass, but she failed to act. This was going way outside of my comfort zone to begin with and now I was faced with doing it alone, but I did it.

I arrived at the studio a little early and was filled with anxiety. There was another girl there that looked exactly how I felt. We both sat quietly, looking down as a couple of other ladies came in giggling and joking around about their husbands expectations after a pole dance class.

It was time… as we walked into the room with the poles I started to question what I was doing here. Then the instructor walked in, greeted everyone, and we all introduced ourselves. As we started the warm up I started to feel the anxiety leave. Just like that, the fun began!

As I reflect on that first experience I think about what everyone in my first class will be experiencing and I thought I might just provide some tips. Some things that I would have liked to have known before I started this journey, and a few things I’m glad I didn’t!

How to prepare:

  • Don’t use lotion on pole day.
  • Drink lots of water before class!
  • Take an extra bottle of water with you to class.
  • Bring a towel.
  • Wear regular workout clothes, shorts and a T-shirt.
  • Take orange or apple slices (You will probably need it after class.)

What to expect:

Almost everyone in the class is as excited and anxious as you are. No one really knows what to expect the first time. You have nothing to be nervous about! Smile and enjoy the moment!

No one will laugh at you or look down on you or judge you in any way! It has been my experience that the women along my pole fitness journey are the most supportive and encouraging women I’ve ever met.

It’s going to feel awkward, and nothing will feel sexy. We want to think the moment our hand touches the pole we turn into a diva… Truth is, it’s all a little awkward at first. Be patient, with repetition and practice the moves eventually start to click.

Expect more than a just a workout. In addition to getting your heart rate up and exercising your muscles, you will also start to gain confidence, learn to walk gracefully in heels, learn to trust (the pole, yourself, and others), and you will get comfortable with your own skin.

You may come alone, but you will leave with several new best friends! When you adventure out of your comfort zone with others a special bond is created. You are not just going to just another workout class, you are joining an amazing community of women who are all on a journey together.

Take lots of pictures! In your first class you should get a couple “before” pictures. Then at every class get a couple pictures and video of what you are learning. I wish I had more pictures from my first classes to see the progress I had made.

Keep a journal. This is also something I didn’t do and wish I had. Just to keep track of when I learned certain tricks, and when I felt like I had finally mastered or I was comfortable with certain moves. So if you can grab a notebook at the end of class, jot down what you learned.


What I’m glad I didn’t know before my first class…

Every muscle in your body will be sore. Even ones you didn’t know were there. Yes, this is a workout. A full body workout. It may not feel like it initially because you’re having fun. Make no mistake, you will feel it the next two days.

If you aren’t sore and don’t have bruises somewhere on your arms and legs, you didn’t do it right. Just be ready for lots of bruising. It eventually lessens, but starting out, expect lots of bruises.

It’s addicting. One class will probably not be your last!

Just when you think your body can’t take anymore, you will push it farther. And it will feel great!

Pole fitness has the potential to change your life. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Let it be the beginning of a new great adventure!