Water like glass

Water like glass. Is it really January? Nearly 80 in Texas!

The last few days the weather has been so incredibly nice. I paddled 3 days in a row (should have been 4, but I had too much work to do that I didn’t have the time!).

It has felt so good to slam my laptop shut at 4-5pm and head to the lake. Paddle out, sweat a little, and enjoy a beautiful sunset. Followed by a drive home with the top down. Something about that whole sequence plasters a smile on my face.

But as amazing as the last few days have been, I feel like something is still missing. I keep thinking about that day in Galveston. Fighting waves. And learning to surf. And I miss the taste of the saltwater. It feels strange to me to feel such a longing for waves, surf, and salt.

I’m thinking a road trip may be in my near future.