On a Wednesday night, not that long ago, this guy in a bright orange shirt excitedly skated up to me with a big smile. He commented on my board… and I quickly realized THIS was the Shelby I had been hearing so much about since I set up my @higuyzskateboards deck. I am shocked and saddened by his loss. RIP Shelby.

Now…. I know y’all prolly know this… but I want to make sure you KNOW! I am here if you ever need someone to talk to. If you’re ever in a dark place, all you need to do send me a message merely saying “hey”. That’s all it takes. This is the text I send to friends when I’m hurting and it’s dark. I know what it’s like to hurt, and not want to be a burden or bring someone else down with your sadnesss.

But you MUST reach out! Just say “hey”.

It’s simple. It’s short. But it opens a door. It’s starts the conversation. After that, all you have to say is “I just need someone to talk to me”. Cause yeah, you’re not going to want to talk. But hearing someone else’s voice, their talking, their stories, that can shed just the smallest bit of light on your darkness. I know. I’ve been here, not that very long ago!! I’m thankful for a friend that stayed on the phone for hours with me, just talking. Not making me talk. But making sure I was going to be okay.

Suicide is not the answer. It is NEVER the answer. You don’t know how many people care and would help you though those dark moments.
We all suffer at some point. Life is hard. But no matter how dark and long the night may seem, a new day, a brighter one, will ALWAYS come… so keep pushing! And remember, just three little letters… hey.