Sharing because I was so moved… not just by the post, but also by the responses to this post by @broken_isnt_bad

It’s beautiful to see that you’re not alone on the journey of love.

I am speaking my truth.

I am a badass.

I am NOT alone!

I am strength.

I am loved. I am courageous. I am enough. I am WHOLE, just as I am.

I am walking away from the things, habits, relationships that no longer serve me.

I am falling in love with ME!

– – – – – –
“No one is going to love you exactly like you imagine. No one is ever going to read your mind and take every star from the sky at the perfect time and hand it to you. No one is going to show up at your door on a horse, with a shoe you lost.

Do you understand?
That’s why you have to love yourself enough, so that any other love
just adds more candles to the cake you’ve already iced.” ~ Stephanie Bennett-Henry

Whether single or in a relationship, never forget to love and take care of yourself. It doesn’t mean Me first, it means Me too.

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