“I miss you” triggers me…

When someone sends me a text that says “I miss you” they will likely get one of two responses: “You’ve been busy… but it’s nice to know you’ve wanted to see me.” That’s me being kind. The not-so-kind response someone might get is… “I don’t know why you miss me. I’ve lived at the same...... Read More

Reframing Weakness in Pole Dancing

For over 10 years I have heard pole dancers use the phrase “weak side” and “bad side” – and I would like to propose that going forward we start reframing weakness by using the term “switch”. Language matters. The words we use shape our perceptions of ourselves and our abilities. Language has the power to...... Read More


Firewalking has to be one of the most powerful experiences of my life.... Read More

Polar Plunge 2023

Okay, so we cheated a little this year. It was a warm sunny day on this January 1st. Hey, it’s Texas. Sometimes it is sleeting and below freezing. Sometimes it is sunny and 75 degrees. Regardless, we still jumped! I was planning for about a dozen people to show up. I was blown away by...... Read More

Full Moon Meditation Paddle | June 2022

The wind was blowing all day. I was out running errands and picking up supplies and was honestly a little concerned that this full moon might have to be rescheduled. But I checked my wind app, and the forecast showed the wind would drop by the time we would be getting on the water. So,...... Read More

May Full Moon Paddle Meditation – Release the Petals

On the evening following an lunar eclipse that was hidden by clouds, we were blessed with mostly clear skies. Our small group of ladies paddled out into a slight breeze. As we sat and floated as the sun set as the current of the water caused us to drift. Then we practiced a walking on...... Read More

Time Traveler

I’ve always known I was a traveler…. I just didn’t realize I was a TIME traveler. Did you know today is “Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day?” Except I’m not pretending anymore. I ventured down a rabbit hole this week on this topic. Now it makes sense why…. It started this week with a...... Read More