had to share this post from @cwpoet (I can confirm having been in this state, that all of these items would be so appreciated -especially that last one!)———————GIFTS FOR THOSE SUFFERING WITH ANXIETY/DEPRESSION———————Alright guys!!!! I wanted to put a list together of some thoughtful gift ideas for anyone you that might suffer from anxiety or depression.*JOURNAL- recovery diaries or just “day to day” writing is very helpful in processing thoughts and pain.*WEIGHTED BLANKET- the weight from the blanket gives a “grounding feeling” that sends calming signals to the brain.*ESSENTIAL OILS- lavender is good for promoting relaxation, lifting mood, and alleviating stress.*HIMALAYAN PINK SALT LAMPS- negative ions from lamp increase, blood flow, sleep, serotonin levels, and relaxation.-BOOKS- great ways to keep an anxious or depressed mind busy. Soothing and informative.*ART SUPPLIES- a really good way to promote healing through creativity.*YOGA MAT- a really great way to bring calmness to someone is to introduce them to yoga.*CANDLES/SOCKS/BATH ACCESSORY SETS- anything that promotes peace, comfort, and self care is key.*GIFT CARDS- maybe they have a particular store, hobby, or restaurant that excites them??? It’s always good to help remind them.***YOUR TIME- this is the most important gift you can give. And it can be given year round. Check in. Ask questions. Be present. Your care and time are absolutely immeasurable to someone who needs that ear or shoulder or hug!!! GIVE IT!!!!Thank you for reading and Happy Holidays.Love, Caroline


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