The wind was blowing all day. I was out running errands and picking up supplies and was honestly a little concerned that this full moon might have to be rescheduled. But I checked my wind app, and the forecast showed the wind would drop by the time we would be getting on the water. So, I shoot out a text with this information, and allow for any that would like to reschedule the opportunity. But also that I remain hopeful the wind and sky will cooperate.

Everyone arrives at the lake while the wind is still blowing. We gather around the fire pit and discuss the possibilities. Waiting a little bit before making a decision, but still optimistic the will die down. We collectively decide that at the very least everyone is down for short athletic paddle and meditation. So, the process of pulling boards and getting all the equipment ready begins. During this process, the winds do, indeed, die down A LITTLE BIT. Just enough that the group is able to paddle across the cover to an area protected from the wind. We drop anchors and float on the calm water and begin our meditation.

We celebrate the strawberry moon with a berry La Croix. Strawberry-colored roses were used for a release ceremony. And then after a final mediation, we pulled up our anchors and floated back in.