They say that failure is what leads to success. I keep wondering when I’ll find the success part. I seriously think the only thing I’m really good at is fucking up. I can fuck up just about anything good in life. In fact, when something is really starting to go good, I pull out the fuck up card.

Earlier this week I was writing out a personal social media strategy for myself. Wanna know what my tag line was? Fuck up. Keep going.

Seriously. I think that describes my life in four words. I can’t ever get shit right. I can hold it together for a short bit. But then my true self escapes and I fuck shit up.

So I’ve fucked up again. And just when I felt like I was starting to get my act together (again). So here I am. Flat on my back trying to figure my way out of another fuck up. I guess this shit keeps me humble. But at the moment, I’m these moments. I feel so alone.

Sure, I hear a crowd of people cheering for me to get back up. But I am laying here alone. I’ve dug this hole by myself. I am here in this hole by myself. And somehow I’ll figure a way out of it. By myself.

But I’m tired at the moment. I’d love nothing more to just stay here and hide from the responsibilities of life. But that’s not really living, is it?

So. I’ve fucked up. Here’s where the “keep going” kicks in I guess.