Saturday morning I loaded up in a van with 7 other skatergirls and we headed off to Tyler for a skate competition. When I started skating, the thought of competing was far from my mind. I’ve been to two local skate competitions and cheered on other girls and some of the boys I’ve skated with…. I just didn’t see that it was something I would ever be good enough to participate in.

But here I was… roped into a day-trip with a group of girls to go compete.

As much as I tried to relax and just have fun, the adrenaline and pressure felt by being the only person skating and knowing everyone was watching was intense. I didn’t land much, but did get my rock-to-fakie. But the win for me was hearing the MC mention my “surf style” more than once. 🏄

I think competing in skating will be similar to competing in wake surfing and pole dancing for me… it’s more about meeting some cool people and supporting the growth and visibility and legitimacy of the sport than it is about anything else. It is so cool to be a part of these smaller niche sports.

And… the kicker… It was an all female podium in the beginner level in a co-ed competition. I bet the boys will be petitioning for the girls to have their own divisions next time!


Photo taken at: Noble E Young Skatepark

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