Exactly 5 months ago (minus one day) I visited this skate park for the very first time. I was in awe as I watched several guys shred this bowl. Then one of them put me on a skateboard (even tho I was barefoot) and taught me how to roll down my first slope. Tonight I was stoked to have him and so many other special friends present as I dropped into this bowl for the first time. This moment was so magical for me.

Thank you 😘 @johnson_solo for getting me down that first slope and for everything else you taught me. Thank you @cwiggity and @sk8n.stin and @mcguffun for coaching (and pushing) me through several drop-ins over the last couple weeks.


But to top off the evening… I ran into the guy that first invited me to this park 5 months ago. He was with his “other woman”.  And as much as I tried to ignore him and his Tuesday night girl, they both insisted in making their presence known. But no way was I going to let that damper my evening. Actually, I think it was almost like the cherry on top… just confirmed that my life is so much better without him. Needless to say, I don’t think he, or his Tuesday, will get in my face again.

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