Friday nights are usually hard for me. I spend too many of them (especially during the winter months) sitting at home alone and going to bed early. But this Friday, I headed to Roanoke. I was making it a date night with my mermaid board.

The first few  hours I was there by myself and was forced to push myself out of my comfort zone. After warming up a little with some swims in the bowl, I decided that it was time to conquer my fear of the spoon.

I had some friends show up and they pushed me to try some new tricks.

  1. Sex Change. Now I’ve done this on my indoboard. I’ve even tried it a few times while surfing. But something about doing it on a skateboard was not even something I had considered. But here goes nothing! On flat, no problem. First small bank, got it. Moved to a slightly steeper bank, piece of cake. Okay, here we go…. let’s see if we can step it up a notch. Yep! Well, that’s one more to cross off a list of tricks that I don’t have. LOL!
  2. Frontside Kick Turns. I’ve attempted trying to learn these a few other times, but wasn’t accountable to anyone to land them, so after a few scary misses, I was moving on to something else. Tonight, though, was different. It seemed to be required that I get them before I could leave. While they still need some work, I am landing them more than not!
  3. Board Slide. I was pretty sure this wasn’t something I could do since I’m still not ollie’ing yet…. but to my surprise I was able to get up on a box and attempt a slide. While I didn’t have much success landing these, it does give me something to keep working on the next time I skate.

Overall….. this date night was a success. My mermaid is a great companion and I’m glad she has the energy to keep up with me!


Photo taken at: Roanoke Skate Park

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