I keep seeing all these invitations and posts about Daddy Daughter Dances. Well, I have a little bit of a problem with it. So let me use this space to make my rant public!

First, it is a noble movement to get daddy’s more involved in their daughters lives. Studies show that when a father forms a special bond with his daughter that she better understands her self worth. These girls have an advantage when they’re older, having a better understanding of what to expect and how to approach relationships.

HOWEVER! What about all the girls that don’t have daddy’s involved? What about all the girls that see pictures and hear stories from their friends about how they had spa days, got dressed up in princess dresses, and had dinner at their favorite restaurant with their dad before going out for some fun dancing and games?

What about the single mom who wants her daughter to know that she is special and loved and desires to take her daughter out for a night of dancing? I wonder… what would happen if I showed up at the door of a church or community center with my daughter for one of these events. Would they let me in? Would they let me give my daughter that same special experience?

mother son blur

And then there’s the boys… do they not get the equal experience of learning what it means to get dressed up and treating their mom to a night out? I don’t see “Mother Son Dances” ever promoted. So we not value the ability to let boys know what it is to be a gentleman? To see what it is take a lady out for a night of dancing?

Honestly, both of my kids are too old to really care… but something deep inside rages against the thoughtlessness towards single moms and boys in our communities.