Let me share a story with you… a couple years ago I met some ladies at an aerial silks class. They were fun and I followed them on Instagram. A month or so ago one of them posted something about a retreat. I messaged her… wondering how much it would cost. I was shocked how affordable it was, and jumped on the waiting the list. About the time I landed my new job I got a message that a spot had opened up. They worked with me on a small payment arrangement and I was in!

I knew, after the winter I had, and the journey I was on to heal from the depression and anxiety I had been battling, that some time away, near water, and with fun active women would be a good thing for me. But I had NO IDEA how good!

First, getting away for a weekend with a group of almost complete strangers, completely sober, was a chance for me to be completely myself without any filters. No expectations, no roles to fill. So who cares if I am totally 100% myself and no one liked me?

The whole theme of this “Come as you are”. So that’s exactly what I did!

Arriving home I felt a peace and happiness and that had been missing for way too long. And I know that I have planted the seeds of some great friendships.

Here is to launching into the second half of 2019 with all kinds of positivity, good vibes, and success!!!

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