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If you want it… like really want it.

If you want it... like really want it. Commit to it. Work at it. Get up when you fall. Chase your board down when it flies away. Try again. Fail again. Watch those better than you. Get closer. And fail some more. Adjust. And try one more time. Stare down the thing you’re afraid of... and just go for it with everything you got. Don’t... Read More

Visualize the action. Actualize the vision.

“Visualize the action. Actualize the vision.” @killcolinkordish Three new ones tonight, man I love summer!! Fakie back 50. Fakie back feeble. And Fakie back Smith. 🎥 @art_of_wor... Read More

Another Appearance with the Geezers

Check me out in the new @geezerskateco video! (Link in their bio!) - - - - - - High flying action in today’s video drop! Check the link in our bio to see how we bowl at the skatepark! @dylanorgeron @robbellomy @jeremyvest @maddiesdaddiereviews @brianretouchesphotos @sk8neat @johnbenitez @convertible355 @jd_danielson @classylass @xo_honeymoonbee @needs_sand_and_waves... Read More

Pole v Skating

For me, pole isn’t that much different than skating. It’s facing fears, testing my limits, pushing past pain, learning, and progressing... most of the time a lot slower than I’d like. Sometimes it’s about just flowing and enjoying the beauty of it, but most of the time it’s that high you get from doing something you haven’t done before. I did it! Didn’t trust myself... Read More

A different kind of fear

When I skate, I face all kinds of fears. But last night I faced a very different kind of fear. I decided to skate after my pole class. I arrived at the skatepark at 10pm. I was surprised to find the parking lot and the park completely empty. Not  a soul. I texted a friend...... Read More

Free Falling

I remember the first time I saw this video. I wanted to be that girl in the video. Fast forward 20+ years.... I’m dropping in and skating. When I’m at @4dwn skating in the vert ramp, it’s this song playing in my head. ❤️ Tom Petty.... Read More

Teach Me to Skate!

I just think this was soooo cool! A year ago a friend posted some pics of him skating a bowl. My comment... "Teach me!" Funny how when you put stuff out there the universe works in mysterious ways to bring it to you... Read More

Final Sesh at the CCD Bowl

I think tonight was one of the best I've ever skated! I'm so stoked. New milestone for sure as I slashed pool coping for the first time in my life!!!!! This video didn't quite capture it. But I did get it several times and there were plenty of witnesses, so it totally counted!!! Thanks Ryan Skeen!! Tonight was epic! I look forward to shredding waves... Read More

FYI. There is no warning when the lights go out at Frisco.

FYI. There is no warning when the lights go out at Frisco.... Read More

The life of an athlete

The life of an athlete. Work hard. Play hard. Fall hard. Get fixed. Repeat.... Read More