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It took me a long time to accept that I don’t need outside validation for the feelings I have. My perception of events cause me to a feel a certain way. What was it that ever made me think that those feelings were NOT valid? Probably a long series of gaslighting by others throughout my...... Read More

I Finally Recognize Myself

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my hair? I look in the mirror and feel like I finally recognize myself. I don’t know why I waited so long ... I know ... because society thinks it’s trashy. Or a white girl can’t wear them. Or i would have to cut all my hair off if I didn’t like them. But when you fall in... Read More

Every day.

Every day.... Read More

Love Leads You Back to Yourself

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don’t change yourself to please other people

I continue to preach this... don’t change yourself to please other people. Find the things that make you happy. If you have to make some changes to be able to do those things, then change. But don’t work to be different for someone else. Do it for you. Because YOU deserve to be happy!... Read More

Come As You Are Retreat

Let me share a story with you... a couple years ago I met some ladies at an aerial silks class. They were fun and I followed them on Instagram. A month or so ago one of them posted something about a retreat. I messaged her... wondering how much it would cost. I was shocked how affordable it was, and jumped on the waiting the list.... Read More

21 Days of Love

A little while back I accepted a Self-Love Challenge. It was a 21-Day challenge, each day writing 3 things you loved about yourself. To be honest, the first few days weren’t too challenging. But by the start of the second week… well, knowing I couldn’t repeat anything, the challenge really set in.  And yeah, there’s...... Read More

The Game is Changing

The short version of my depression story is this: After being off my birth control for not quite a full month, I am feeling like myself again. While I am still digging out of a hole, my hope and happiness have returned. The negative voices in my head that had been dominating have been silenced....... Read More

Setting a new tone

They say your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have. So, I got myself some flowers. I wish they were yellow, but these orange ones are just as beautiful and have brightened up my days while the sun has been hiding. I see more fresh flowers in my future! Perhaps the next bouquet will scream spring! You wanna get with... Read More

Gifts for those suffering with anxiety and depression

had to share this post from @cwpoet (I can confirm having been in this state, that all of these items would be so appreciated -especially that last one!) ——————— GIFTS FOR THOSE SUFFERING WITH ANXIETY/DEPRESSION ——————— Alright guys!!!! I wanted to put a list together of some thoughtful gift ideas for anyone you that might suffer from anxiety or depression. *JOURNAL- recovery diaries or just “day to day” writing is... Read More