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“You Need to Change”

As a woman I have been told many times not to think I can change a man. You have to love a man as he is, not for the potential you see in him, thinking you can change him. And this is very true. Because men won’t change – especially in the way a woman...... Read More

The Difficult Teacher

“This teacher didn’t just congratulate and bow to the conventionally kind and wonderful people; he bowed to and congratulated everyone — even the most difficult. If we know how to benefit from their presence, difficult people might be the kindest spiritual friends of all.” And not just difficult people... but difficult circumstances, relationships, injuries even... situations that challenge us at our core. Make us look... Read More

Even islands are connected by water

”Love wins every, single, time when we join hands and fight for it just like it fights for us. Even islands are connected by water. Nature knows that without connection, there is no love and without love, there is no survival.” ~ J. Autherine... Read More

why I pole dance – in a meme

My life. And now you know why I pole dance (and SUP, and surf, and skate, and....).... Read More

Why I’m Single

I’ve made lists of all the reasons I’m still single. But maybe this is the real reason. View in Instagram ⇒... Read More

Setting a new tone

They say your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have. So, I got myself some flowers. I wish they were yellow, but these orange ones are just as beautiful and have brightened up my days while the sun has been hiding. I see more fresh flowers in my future! Perhaps the next bouquet will scream spring! You wanna get with... Read More

The Mind is NOT All

I’ve heard it said… the mind is all. But there is something greater than the mind. Something the mind does not understand. Love is so much more powerful than than the mind struggles to comprehend and even control. It is love that moves a person out of fear into power. Love that causes one to...... Read More

Losing people is never easy

I read this quote this morning. Losing people is never easy. It's sad to the core. But this is life. Time to move on. Time to dance again. Time to meet new people who love me for who I am in this moment of my life.... Read More

My Struggle with Abandonment

I had a major breakthrough last night… taking time this morning to meditate and process all the feelings. Understanding oneself is not easy work, but a worthwhile adventure. The first realization is that I struggle with abandonment. I am sure some of this has roots in the lack of relationship I have with my family....... Read More

Fear Her

When you can look into the fire that once burned you and smile. Because not only did you survive it, but you know it made it made you stronger, wiser, fearless, and a woman to be feared. 💪🏼 #survivor #morethanasurvivor #fearless #internationalwomensday . . . #girlswhoshred #girlswhoskate #skatergirl #paddlelikeagirl #surfergirl #mermaid #forgetmenot #girlpower... Read More