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perfect lips – stinging criticism

A friend once told me I had perfect lips As she drew my portrait For an art project It was the highest compliment I ever remember getting. And as I shared This highlight of my day I heard you say “They’re not perfect. They are not defined.” Always a critic. I should not have been...... Read More


You see a girl who got pregnant in college. I see a single who mom who got her degree. You see a failed marriage. I see a woman who freed herself from an alcoholic husband. You see a dancer on a pole. I see a woman who found physical strength and confidence. You see rebellion...... Read More

My First Shamanic Sand Painting

I’m on a Shamanic Journey, and one of my assignments was to create a sand painting. I walked out into my backyard and was just really trying to find a spot of sunlight to warm up, but when I looked down I saw small broken egg shell. I picked it up. I had not intended...... Read More

Counting Down… (again)

While I knew the darkness was coming (again), I was less prepared for it this year. I remembered this countdown post I did last year and figured I would dust it off and update it for this 2020-2021 winter season. So…. dates have updated, and a new countdown has begun!... Read More


It took me a long time to accept that I don’t need outside validation for the feelings I have. My perception of events cause me to a feel a certain way. What was it that ever made me think that those feelings were NOT valid? Probably a long series of gaslighting by others throughout my...... Read More

Counting Down…

Hibernation has started with the onset of freezing temps and more darkness than I can stand. So I’ve started counting down to longer days and warmer months!... Read More

The Difficult Teacher

“This teacher didn’t just congratulate and bow to the conventionally kind and wonderful people; he bowed to and congratulated everyone — even the most difficult. If we know how to benefit from their presence, difficult people might be the kindest spiritual friends of all.” And not just difficult people... but difficult circumstances, relationships, injuries even... situations that challenge us at our core. Make us look... Read More

If you want it… like really want it.

If you want it... like really want it. Commit to it. Work at it. Get up when you fall. Chase your board down when it flies away. Try again. Fail again. Watch those better than you. Get closer. And fail some more. Adjust. And try one more time. Stare down the thing you’re afraid of... and just go for it with everything you got. Don’t... Read More

Harvest Moon Crystals Workshop

Had the most awesome evening with @ree.defined.fw with a harvest moon crystals class and full moon ceremony.... Read More

The Game is Changing

The short version of my depression story is this: After being off my birth control for not quite a full month, I am feeling like myself again. While I am still digging out of a hole, my hope and happiness have returned. The negative voices in my head that had been dominating have been silenced....... Read More