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Time Traveler

I’ve always known I was a traveler…. I just didn’t realize I was a TIME traveler. Did you know today is “Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day?” Except I’m not pretending anymore. I ventured down a rabbit hole this week on this topic. Now it makes sense why…. It started this week with a...... Read More


You see a girl who got pregnant in college. I see a single who mom who got her degree. You see a failed marriage. I see a woman who freed herself from an alcoholic husband. You see a dancer on a pole. I see a woman who found physical strength and confidence. You see rebellion...... Read More

The Artist’s Way Group Study

I am teaming up with The Yarning Shaman to host another group study of The Artist’s Way. This is a 12-week course to help unblock the creativity that is buried deep in all of us. ... Read More

“You Need to Change”

As a woman I have been told many times not to think I can change a man. You have to love a man as he is, not for the potential you see in him, thinking you can change him. And this is very true. Because men won’t change – especially in the way a woman...... Read More

My First Shamanic Sand Painting

I’m on a Shamanic Journey, and one of my assignments was to create a sand painting. I walked out into my backyard and was just really trying to find a spot of sunlight to warm up, but when I looked down I saw small broken egg shell. I picked it up. I had not intended...... Read More

I am bruised and broken…

I am bruised and broken... but I keep showing up for this thing called life.... Read More

Gifts for those suffering with anxiety and depression

had to share this post from @cwpoet (I can confirm having been in this state, that all of these items would be so appreciated -especially that last one!) ——————— GIFTS FOR THOSE SUFFERING WITH ANXIETY/DEPRESSION ——————— Alright guys!!!! I wanted to put a list together of some thoughtful gift ideas for anyone you that might suffer from anxiety or depression. *JOURNAL- recovery diaries or just “day to day” writing is... Read More


@kommuneo - - - - - - Wholeness: whole-ness, noun 1. the state of forming a complete and harmonious whole; unity. 2. the state of being unbroken or undamaged. @obrazkovani... Read More

bring happiness to your life

How many things are you doing every day that bring happiness to your life? If you don't evaluate where you're spending your time, then you won't know where to make changes so that you can be happier. Or do you even know what makes you happy? Maybe it's time to try some new things and figure out what brings real joy to your life. So... Read More

Beautiful Destinations

Every year I try so hard to kill this rose bush. And every year it continues to produce beautiful yellow roses for me. Sometimes our life journey is ugly and all we want to really do is kill it off so we don't have to remember those low times in our life. But the reality is, those thorny moments are most likely what leads us... Read More