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The life of an athlete

The life of an athlete. Work hard. Play hard. Fall hard. Get fixed. Repeat.... Read More

I found my tribe(s)

... and skateboarding + pizza ... and surfing + beer .... and SUP + BBQ!... Read More

Nothing makes me feel more out of shape than…

Nothing makes me feel more out of shape than when I am working out. Nothing makes me feel more out of shape than when I am playing hard. Nothing makes me feel more out of shape than when I am active. The truth is, I am in the best shape I have probably ever been my...... Read More

Fort Worth Pole Competition

Spending my Friday night in the studio with some #badass athletes! They are going to kill it tomorrow!... Read More

Meet Another Badass

So super stoked for my girl Lesha! She passed her test tonight and is officially a #derbygirl for the DEATH ROW RUMBLERS!!!!!! So proud of you! #hardworkpaysoff #nevertooold #skatergirl... Read More

Top Misconceptions OR Excuses Not to Pole or SUP

I hear it all the time… excuses not to try a pole class or stand-up paddle. Here are the top ones I hear regularly and how I usually respond when someone says it to me. I need to get in shape first. (Or: I need to lose 20lbs first.) No, you don’t need to get...... Read More

Stepping Up My Game

Over the last year I have learned a lot about what it takes to fuel my body properly. When I started working out three years ago my diet didn’t change at all. My body changed, but because I was turning fat into muscle. But when I started SUP racing last summer, I knew something else...... Read More

My First Pole Fitness Class

As I prepare to teach my first pole fitness class, I am thinking back to my first classes. I had bought a Groupon when a friend suggested we try a pole fitness class. I bought my pass, but she failed to act. This was going way outside of my comfort zone to begin with and...... Read More

New Adventure! I’m a Pole Fitness Instructor!!

While I was checking the aerial silks experience off my bucket list, God was up to something much bigger! I was at a studio ready to add pole fitness classes, in need of an instructor. I was a pole fitness enthusiast, looking for way to open a studio. Then, BOOM! When you want something… put it out there....... Read More

Aerial Silks – Check!

The first thing on my list to do this year was take an aerial silks class. I had found a place to take a class, so it was just a matter of picking a date and going for it! I messaged a friend I thought might be interested in joining me. She was in! So we...... Read More