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For the Love of Lamb

So yesterday morning I got a phone call from my daughter. Her lamb wasn’t doing well (a pity since his is name is Well). Quick backstory: he went to the vet the day before because he has been prolapsing. That means, his whole butt falls out of his hole. The vet tucked his insides in...... Read More


You see a girl who got pregnant in college. I see a single who mom who got her degree. You see a failed marriage. I see a woman who freed herself from an alcoholic husband. You see a dancer on a pole. I see a woman who found physical strength and confidence. You see rebellion...... Read More

Proudest Mom Moment

Football banquet today for my baby. I could no be prouder of her, her team, and all of her coaches. PS: Her hair, nails, and makeup for this special occasion by @joy_spasalon Photography by @joysofphotography... Read More


LET’S GO CHIEFS!!!... Read More

She loves a good sunset too

She loves a good sunset too... Read More

Losing people is never easy

I read this quote this morning. Losing people is never easy. It's sad to the core. But this is life. Time to move on. Time to dance again. Time to meet new people who love me for who I am in this moment of my life.... Read More

My Kids are NOT My Life

I love my kids… but they are not the center of my universe. I don’t think that makes me a bad mom, either. In fact… I think in some ways I think my kids are better for it. When my son was a teenager he came to me once wanting a ride to see a...... Read More

Best moments at the skatepark

And sometimes the best moments at the #skatepark are just chillin'. #guitar #chillin #skatelife #mothersonfun #skatermom... Read More

Worthy of Great Love

“I think the most difficult thing to reconcile is knowing you are worthy of a great love and genuine acceptance and not having it.” I posted this on Facebook a year ago and it popped up in my history today. While I know that the love I was longing for when I posted this was...... Read More

Needed Blessings

Elk and venison enchiladas. Wine. Dearth Vader ornament. Cards against humanity. And spiked cider. I have the bestest neighbors ever! Merry Christmas!!!!... Read More