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“I miss you” triggers me…

When someone sends me a text that says “I miss you” they will likely get one of two responses: “You’ve been busy… but it’s nice to know you’ve wanted to see me.” That’s me being kind. The not-so-kind response someone might get is… “I don’t know why you miss me. I’ve lived at the same...... Read More

Why I’m Single

I’ve made lists of all the reasons I’m still single. But maybe this is the real reason. View in Instagram ⇒... Read More

Setting a new tone

They say your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have. So, I got myself some flowers. I wish they were yellow, but these orange ones are just as beautiful and have brightened up my days while the sun has been hiding. I see more fresh flowers in my future! Perhaps the next bouquet will scream spring! You wanna get with... Read More

Don’t Drown

I won’t lie... it sure would be nice to find someone who wasn’t so afraid of drowning down here. I’m so over shallow conversations. Let’s talk about all things you aren’t supposed to talk about. I want to go deeper. 🧜🏼‍♀️🌊... Read More

Losing people is never easy

I read this quote this morning. Losing people is never easy. It's sad to the core. But this is life. Time to move on. Time to dance again. Time to meet new people who love me for who I am in this moment of my life.... Read More

Being alone on a Friday night totally sucks

I won't lie to you... Being alone on a Friday night after a long stressful week totally sucks. But I'm thankful to have so many hobbies that I can do solo and don't cost me a cent. I'm such a cheap date.... Lol!... Read More

Epic Night in Irving

Exactly 5 months ago (minus one day) I visited this skate park for the very first time. I was in awe as I watched several guys shred this bowl. Then one of them put me on a skateboard (even tho I was barefoot) and taught me how to roll down my first slope. Tonight I was stoked to have him and so many other special... Read More

Fear Her

When you can look into the fire that once burned you and smile. Because not only did you survive it, but you know it made it made you stronger, wiser, fearless, and a woman to be feared. 💪🏼 #survivor #morethanasurvivor #fearless #internationalwomensday . . . #girlswhoshred #girlswhoskate #skatergirl #paddlelikeagirl #surfergirl #mermaid #forgetmenot #girlpower... Read More

Married and looking for a friend

Tonight, this is what broke my heart. 💔 How sad that a man who desires his wife to see him turns to tinder to find "connection". And yeah, I'm sure he's far from perfect and there are many reasons for his wife not to notice him anymore.... But still.... Read More

Breaking up Like a Goddess

A friend sent me a message the other day… there are all articles about dating a goddess and being a single goddess. But how do you break up like a goddess? Okay, I’ve got this.  It’s not easy, but if it were then anyone could do it, but we are goddesses, so we do the...... Read More