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a-MAZE-ing Gift

My doorbell rang earlier. This package had been delivered. Not a small package.. this box was 4’ tall! I wasn’t expecting anything. Had no idea who was sending me something. HUGE shoutout to @sharpspring for sending me such a wonderful gift. How did you know I love mazes? This totally made my day... maybe my whole Christmas! I love it! And sure... you have my... Read More

A convertible in a school zone

When you drive a #convertible through a school zone... Neighborhood kids literally flip into the car to steal a ride home. Lol!... Read More

My Happy Place

I have found my happy place. Getting on the water and soaking in every ounce of sunshine and the glory held in the sky. I love the workout of paddling out to the open water of the lake. Then reaching that point where my view opens to a larger body of water. I have become...... Read More